About Tommy

The path that led to KISS Auto Spa

“Progress not perfection” encourages us to focus on smaller achievements instead of the end goal.

The story starts on June 1st,  2019 when I made the change to better myself – a change that at the time didn’t realize that it would change how I see everything in life.  In November of 2020 I applied for a mangers position at a local dealership after spending several years in Florida working on vehicles and watercraft of all styles and sizes. Instead of taking the position cleaning I took a position in sales, where my passion grew strong for customer satisfaction. Not to mention getting to learn and drive and see the many differences in automobiles! Ten years later the business has changed almost as drastically as my lifestyle.

Now sober, I no longer felt good with the feeling of seeing how dealership will turn as quick as the key to start if your unhappy with the “deal” amongst other things. Babysteps! It’s how I made it through some of the hardest times of my life. One day at a time.  Applied throughout my life and applied on the vehicle. I know that things can get rough and dirty but with some attention one step at a time improvements can be made.

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